Custom_Toast Extension ( Text with Picture ) :) New



Greeting for the entire Thunkable community.

I present my extension: Toasting
Toasting is not a simple toast as you know that you can change it as you like.

  • If you want a simple toast, all just do not check the property (CustomToast) and choose the following block:

  • If you want a toast with a (text and background) editable you must choose the following block:

  • Here is the news if you want a toast with a (text and background and a photo) you must choose the following block:

Property you have to Customs your Toast

with this Property you can:

  • you can Change the size of your picture by option ( ScaledBitmap ).
  • Adjust corner of your toast .
  • with OffsetAxe X or Y : you can move your toast to any position in your screen .
  • You can change size of your text.

Screenshots :

Price : 5 €.

to : Skype (Said-Dev)

After having received your payment I will send to you the source code .

Please check your spam folder in case you did not receive the example!
I will send to you all files not later than 24 hours after having received the payment.

You can also contact me with skype:

Said-Dev: [email protected]


There is already 4 Toast extensions. Also, to add image to Toast, you have to only run execute addView() with imageview. Still, that’s a great start, also ImagePath have to be imagePath. Params have 1st letter lowercased.
P.S: All 4 extensions are free, so I am not sure, how you will earn money from this :wink:


you can give good a benefit not just attacking others with messages like this one. I only ask your opinion no more thanks in advance


Debes publicar un PDF explicando lo que sabes sería más productivo


Can you explain me why I should buy this extension while there are multiple extensions with this for free?!


what I understand is that it sells the source code no drawable in other extension


the other extension offers you a simple toast. this extension gives you a toast at your choice


For advice, it’s best to be able to specify a location, top and center, and bottom


you can do all you want. I will add pictures to show what you can do


Good morning. I want use your exstension and I Just pay with PayPal. When is possible download a code to’ [email protected].
Good work and good day.
Angelo Angius.