Custom_Toast Extension ( Text with Picture ) :) New

Greeting for the entire Thunkable community.

I present my extension: Toasting
Toasting is not a simple toast as you know that you can change it as you like.

  • If you want a simple toast, all just do not check the property (CustomToast) and choose the following block:

  • If you want a toast with a (text and background) editable you must choose the following block:

  • Here is the news if you want a toast with a (text and background and a photo) you must choose the following block:

Property you have to Customs your Toast

with this Property you can:

  • you can Change the size of your picture by option ( ScaledBitmap ).
  • Adjust corner of your toast .
  • with OffsetAxe X or Y : you can move your toast to any position in your screen .
  • You can change size of your text.

Screenshots :

Price : 5 €.

to : Skype (Said-Dev)

After having received your payment I will send to you the source code .

Please check your spam folder in case you did not receive the example!
I will send to you all files not later than 24 hours after having received the payment.

You can also contact me with skype:



There is already 4 Toast extensions. Also, to add image to Toast, you have to only run execute addView() with imageview. Still, that’s a great start, also ImagePath have to be imagePath. Params have 1st letter lowercased.
P.S: All 4 extensions are free, so I am not sure, how you will earn money from this :wink:

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you can give good a benefit not just attacking others with messages like this one. I only ask your opinion no more thanks in advance

Debes publicar un PDF explicando lo que sabes sería más productivo

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Can you explain me why I should buy this extension while there are multiple extensions with this for free?!


what I understand is that it sells the source code no drawable in other extension

the other extension offers you a simple toast. this extension gives you a toast at your choice

For advice, it’s best to be able to specify a location, top and center, and bottom

you can do all you want. I will add pictures to show what you can do

Good morning. I want use your exstension and I Just pay with PayPal. When is possible download a code to’
Good work and good day.
Angelo Angius.

but this “toast” is at the same level as the Android system toast? I will explain better, will it replace the system toast? for example message send (in the case of text messages)

This toast is different when you want to display the toast you just call it with the desire block