Custom ListViewSwipe (Paid Extension) Update (10/04/2018)


this update allows you to download the image from a link asynchronously and store it in a cache folder



Price 15 USD
if you buy Custom ListView you can pay only 5 USD for this extension


HI, Andres. It is a very nice extension. Could you show us some blocks and make some comments?

Hi is it possible that displays a list of textbox and Text elements in a custom ListView

if possible you send me the design and I build it price from 30 USD

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maybe swiping the items in the list should do something. not just clicking them…
think about it…

great work as always…

have you deleted the custom listview extension topic ? i cant find it. it was here just yesterday.

thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Andres, is it possible to add „dragable“-feature (something like this: and visual feedback when swiping (

Would love to see these features and pay for it!

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Wow… that’s it!!! You finally did it.
Waiting for it…:star_struck:



I click on any list item and I get the notification from .CanDismiss event

BUT when I try to swipe the list item I get both notifications,
first the one in .CanDismiss event and immediately after the one from .OnDismiss event.

I would expect to get only the .OnDismiss event triggered while swiping any item…

Is this possible? In that case it will be possible to assign 2 different tasks to the listView.