Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView problem

hello my friend… today i had try make app using Custom ListView - ColinTreeListView. but i have long prblem… i tryed some list item save using tinyDB but not saved it… see below my block … please haelp me…

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Can you output your stored value to a label or something similar?

I’m not sure this is really a question about @ColinTree’s extension…its more to do with using the tinyDB component, right??

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ill try… tell me above block is correct or wrong? iwanna add list for favorit… how to due it ?help me

Whos online?please healp me how to save list iteme …? Can you give me tinydb ColinTreeListView block sample…

who can help me… please tell mee how to save list items?

I thing Value to store it’s not same

i had change it but not ok. see this block… please help me ( error messege is “” The operation Set cannot accept the arguments: , [empty-string]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.""")

hello help me this my sample aia file

test_list_view.aia (53.3 KB)
i cant save list… Please please who can help me

Same this ?

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thank you very much LIKE_IOT … but my problem is… how to save it using tiny DB?

{{{{ like below picture List 1 have samo data… so list 1 extra button after clcking save it to list 2… but its not save permenetly … not working tiny DB1.}}}}

hello who can help me

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example.aia (51.0 KB)


okay thanks nandu

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please help

on this topics

Very useful example. but how delete the from list and tinydb

just delete from list and update the tinyDB data