Custom extensions for you!

I would like to note you, that I will be making custom paid extensions just for you! Please just send a private message, I will make an extension, you will pay me from range (10-30$, depending on extension idea) and I will send you your custom made extension.

Currently, what I can’t do:

  • Extensions with services (background processes, tasks) and content providers (access managers).
  • Extensions that require accessibility, reading notifications, drawing on other apps permissions
  • Extensions which needs to add something to a manifest (besides normal permissions)

What I can do:

  • Make extensions that add “visible components” in runtime, like custom list views, cards, camera feeds.
  • Make extensions that uses libraries (just please find me a library, that is .jar file type not only .aar).
  • Make extensions that create

Every single dollar, helps me a lot of! Together with that I can keep my website online, continue OpticalMath (a new camera calculator, alternative to Photomath, that is currently being developed) developing and I can also, help MIT App Inventor for iOS Campaign! “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” - Helen Keller

Best regards, Ben.


PLS SAY HI IN WHATSAPP My number +94766053383

I can contact you only through pm’s sorry.

What is pm and you have a telegram

Private message,

Hello my friend!

Can you create an extension of a 360º video player? Follow sample code.

I need extension to give permission to camera and Mike when i open a link in the webview in thunkable
Can you do that for me??

What do you mean?

Check your message , i write every thing in detail

You wrote absolutely everything same, there was just 1 one word more “man” and that’s it. Can you please give an example of what you mean.

Hi There…

Is it possible to make an extension that can display digits like the include picture…

I need them to roll over like a petrol pump display…

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Ok try to open this site: in Chrome from your mobile, it will work and you can make random video chat with other,

Now try to open this site inside the thunkable app by webview, it will work too, but without open the camera phone because it need a permission to open, can you fix that by extension or something

What happens if you add Camera component? Does that work or still not?

I try this but nothing happened, i think the essue is with webview

hola no se como mandarle mensaje privado quiero una extensión me da un correo o me explica como escribirle en privado gracia

Hi, how are you? I can not send you a private message so I write here. My name is Ricardo Soares, I am writing to ask for the creation of an extension that returns the value of the intensity of the sound picked up by the microphone. At all times the extension would be reading the audio input and returning the received sound level. A kind of VU metter, but I’ll use it in another feature. Summarizing: When you add the extension, it reads the audio input of the cell phone and returns the value read on a scale of 0 (zero) to 1000. In addition this extension must contain a block to define the sample time in millisecond. For example, I set the read frequency of the microphone input. from 1 to 100ms. Could you do this? What is the cost for this creation? How soon would it be ready? Thank you. I await your reply. Ricardo Soares. My email:

I will take a look into that in a few days, and I will give you more info.

is any possible to make a 3D view extension, like sketchfab

it is because if i choose a 3D file from my device and the extension can help me to real time view this 3D file

file type is obj

@ColinTree is already developing such extension in the background, you may want to wait a bit.


I want to create free call app in thunkable

Can u make extension which is useful for me
Plz ,if u make extension I will pay whatever money you want

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