Current Bugs / Problems with Thunkable



This is a list of current bugs I experienced with Thunkable.

1) Listview

Filter bar is missing space and looking weird. If Listview is set within any scrollable element or scrollable screen it will only show the first item even no matter what sizing is set:


2) Webviewer size

If a webviewer is placed within any scrolling element or scrollable screen the size will change depending on the contents height… This makes loading new websites extremly slow and if a website uses vertical height to place items you will find the items somewhere after looong scrolling… Took me quite some time to find out what is the problem reason here…

I attached a video to make it easier to understand:


3) FAB problems

The FABs created with Thunkables feature are often not responsive and you “click through” them… More details on this in following topic:

Another Problem I realized is that if a FAB from Thunkable is placed in an app, the app may become extremly slow and unresponsive… It get’s worse the longer the app is opened I had this issue with a browser app and with a map app I was creating… The app was getting extremly laggy and the webview scroll behavior became terribly bad. When I spend hours of finding the problem and removing almost every extension used, I came to the point where I found out the FAB was causing this error…

4) Preview display problems

There are some displaying problems in the preview window. One example:

If you set an image to full width and automatic height you get this:


while you would expect it to look like this:

Also the grey text label actually has a fixed width of 30px but the text will just overflow the label and cover other items… Also it would be great if you could implement the Fontawesome and Material Fonts so if a Label is set to a certain font, the preview would also show the right font instead of “zoom_map_directions” :wink:

5) server errors

I also realized there are quite a lot server errors in the recent days… I often get “Server error - could not copy app. Please try again later!” or “Server error - could not save App…”


If anybody else is having this issue copying an app - you can still save app to desktop and upload it with another name if the server makes problems :wink:

I hope the Thunkable devs can solve those problems because I really like Thunkable but it is hard to create professional and bigger projects using the service with those current bugs…

Best regards,

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6) Safari Browser issues

  1. uploads are not shown until you reload the website (leaving and reopening the project does not work). The images also don’t show up in the companion until you reloaded the page and reconnected the companion.

  2. Login with Google often results in a loop of different login URLs, can only be fixed by going to, logout and login again at Thunkable. Sometimes it will also get stuck and not continue after login (even tough Google Account is still logged)
    Already cleared cache and even deleted all website data without success…

  3. Save blocks as image does not work - nothing happens if you click it.

7) App / Companion crash when using more than 1 Google Map

The Thunkable companion and the final .apk crash on startup as soon as there are more than 1 Google Map elements used in a project. Happens even without any extensions used.

8) Mac Starter App not working

The MacStarterAppV3 for USB testing does not start on Mac OS X 10.13.3 (High Sierra). The app icon will bounce for a very long time and once it stops you can only force quit the app ("app does not respond" error).

Also the link leading to is broken. The website does not exist.

[SOLVED] 9) Copied Apps cannot be opened after installing

If you copy an existing app and create an .apk from the copy you will be able to install it but the "open" button will be greyed out. Also the app will not show up in the app drawer and is not able to start at all... You can only find it in Settings->Apps

I could imagine that this bug is related to Thunkables update changing the apps bundle names because it seems to affect only apps created before the latest Thunkable update… Problem is not just affecting my account: Cannot Open App and here: When I Install My Thunkable App Then App Not Opening

As @Mr_Blackd pointed out, there is a workaround until the bug is hopefully fixed. Download the .aia (and your Keystore) to computer and reupload it. This way you can “copy” existing apps and should not have the “not able to start” problem

10) Placing issues across different browsers

When using some more elements/arrangements I recently discovered that you might face extreme problems trying to place new or replace existing items (happened on Chrome & Safari - did not test other browsers yet):

As a workaround it sometimes helps setting the screen to scrollable, adding / relocating the items and change it back but this behaviour is really bad and should be fixed!!

11) Companion crashing when doing changes too fast

When you make a few changes and do not wait a few seconds after each single step, the companion is likely going to crash and has to be reconnected…

12) Admob not working if using more than 1 banner element

If you add more than one admob banner, one of them will not work and not load any ads. That is really bad especially if you built a layout with arrangements replacing screens and want to have different admob banners in different views (not showing at the same time).

I could Imagine that this is kind of the same ID bug that prevents you from using more than 1 Google Map…

Latest Android Release (Feb 8) - Package Name change

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Sorry that you have been having these issues and thanks for reporting them. I’ve put them on our bug queue.



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This had been fixed with the one of the previous versions of Thunkable.

And also, the responsive problem should be fixed as well.



Hi there, I had just took a check with this, and it is already fixed. :grin: