CSV with Multiple Rows and Columns - Is there any easy way?

I’ve a data with Multiple rows and Columns. Some thing like below: Multiple Columns and Rows CSV

This is just for a sample. I’ll be having around 20 Columns and 300 rows.

Requirement is: if the user enters the name or picks a name from a list picker, rest of the columns like Place, Occupation, Hobby should populate in labels. In a nutshell - I want the logic of Vlookup or Hlookup in excel. Currently I am creating my CSV File like below:
CSV Pairs

I am creating the available info in the form of pairs and using “Look up in pairs” to get the data. I feel it is laborious process. Is this the correct way or is there any other easy way to do it?


Hey @PK_Hyd,

Have you considered using #thunkable-cross for this? If feel like the list blocks, and in particular the LocalDB component would make data storage and retrieval much easier for you.

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I am not using thunkable x yet.
I’ve just browsed the LocalDB Documentation. Its just perfect for my requirement.

Btw is there any solution in Classic?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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