Creating a translator app using Google translate API (Online course Published)



Before starting I want to thank the @thunkable who was the first to make such an amazing platform (with more new components) available for free. Next, I want to thank @Taifun whose website and extensions helped me a lot right from the beginning.

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What is this Post about

Hi, Thunker’s! I am very excited to announce my upcoming course on how to create an app like Google Translate. I have been working on this from the previous four months and finally, this project has come to its end and the course will be published in the first week of December. This course will be available on one of the popular e-learning platforms i.e; Udemy.

App preview:


About the course

This course is suitable for everyone (All levels), which means that whether you are yet a beginner or an expert you can enroll in this course. For the students who have a basic knowledge about Thunkable, there are some extra lectures for them, which an advanced student can skip. The need of using any specific component or block while creating the app has been explained clearly in the course. I am yet not sure about the duration of the course but, it will surely be an amazing journey of more than 3 hours.

Main Highlights

  • We will use Google Translate API as it is more accurate than any other translation API in the market.
  • You’ll gain good knowledge about using list’s because our app will be full of lists.
  • We will create a voice to voice translation mode that will be compatible with so many languages.
  • The concept of using Web API component has been explained very carefully so that you can gain a clear understanding of how we are translating the text.
  • There will be a complete section at the end of the course where we will remove the bugs (or errors) and improve the functioning of the app.

These were few of the many important things in the course and I am pretty sure that you’ll be very excited to learn about each and every feature once you’ll watch the preview of the app. I will post the preview of the app on 18th November so, you have to wait until then and be sure to visit this post on that day.

An exciting offer for Thunkers

As I have learned a lot from the community members it’s on me to do something for the community and hence

  • I will give free enrollment coupons to the first 20 Thunker’s who like this post and first 10 Thunker’s who reply to this post.
  • And don’t feel bad if you have missed the above offer because all other Thunker’s can enroll in this course for flat $10. (Note: This offer is only for Thunkers.)

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its great


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Please how do i get tutorial video on how to use thunkable for beginner and for adding google ads in the app. And the tutorial should be in English please.


Please am looking for English tutorial video on how to use Thunkable to created app and add google ads in the app.


@Joseph95 your request is noted and I will work on creating videos about thunkable basics and especially the one about google ads (i.e, Admob) but, it may take some time as I am busy working on this course.






Sorry ! I did not understand what you are asking. But, if you are asking whether using Google Translate API is Legal or not then, of course it is legal. We will be using the API based the documentation provided by Google.


Sorry! I wrote in Portuguese and only after I saw it.
“legal” means the same “cool”.
I hope I can see your course.

This text has been translated into Google Translate.

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Oh ! no problem :grinning: :grinning:


when we can enroll the video course


I will publish the course by 7th December 2018 and as I have promised I will provide free coupons for first 20 likes and first 10 replies to this post.


I would like to use it quickly


Yup ! working on it


The design is impressive. Keep it up.




we are waiting for the tutorial


The course will be out by tomorrow !!:+1: