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I would like to make a video poker, can anyone tell me the instruction to include for example a pair, a tris etc …?

Is not as easy as it looks, let me tell you. I did this one: Jacks or Better Video Poker

I will not share the aia, but I will answer questions if you want. I don’t really understand your question, so elaborate a little more and focus on one problem at a time, not on the whole app.

Thanks for the answer, if in numbers, for example, get a couple I would like to get the result in the label

What I did, and I think it’s what the games do, to make it faster, is to sort the hand first, before finding out what you got.

For example, if you get : K 5 2 A K (assign number values to the letters)
Sort it to have 2 5 K K A.
Then you can easily check like this:

For 3 of a kind:
If (card1=card3) OR (card2=card4) OR (card3=card5) then you have 3 of a kind.

You know that it can’t fail, because the hand is sorted, so all three matching cards are together, no matter what.

If you use the same method for testing the other results, you will save a lot of processing time. Just sort the cards given.

Also, don’t forget that you have to start testing from the top to the bottom, So you first check for Royal flush, and go down the list. The last one you test for is the lowest paying hand.

I didn’t use wilds so in that problem, I did not come up with anything to solve it. I think you better exclude the wilds. It’s easier to program and usually the video poker machines don’t use them either.

This is the actual block in my game that checks for 3 of a kind.

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Thanks for the availability, I try and let you know.
And maybe you can send more blocks to me privately?

I will help you come up with your own solutions. I think that is more valuable for you, so you can learn how to solve it yourself. In my case, I didn’t have any help from anybody. Just by downloading a video poker app and trying to recreate the things it did with Thunkable blocks. And believe me, if I can, ANYBODY can.

The most important keys while programming this game are:

.Generate a real deck of cards in a list.
.Select 5 random cards from that list.
.Every time you select a random card, take it out of the deck, so you don’t select the same card in the same hand.
.Put the 5 cards selected in a list.
.Sort the 5 cards list.
.Start checking what you have from the highest paying rank down to the lower one.
.Show what game you got.
.Allow the user to hold the cards he/she wants.
.When the user press the draw button, put the cards he/she didn’t hold back in the deck list.
.Get some new random cards from the deck for the cards not held.
.Check again what you got.
.Since this time is the final hand, if you have something, you need to increase the user’s money depending on what .he/she got.

Now you have to translate that in blocks. Not very easy, but doable, for sure.

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If I have 10 in the credit as in the picture and i wanna bet 12, how do I subtract even from the points?

If credits > 0
If bet >= credits then
set bet = credit
credit = credit - bet
(no more money!)

thank you!

I think I have a mistake in my code. I have always wished to make my own gambling website because I am a big fan of it. But opening the real casino would cost much more. That is why I am working on opening my own online casino. But since then I play in other poker platforms. I find them with the help of gambling agent they work only with trusted platforms, so it is really safe to work with them.

Why don’t you show your code and where the problem is so people may be able to wok out how to fix it?