Create Folder Extension

Hello to all,

I have a problem. I need to create a folder that doesn’t exists. With the File.Append will not work so I make the trick with the Canvas1.SaveAs… That would work until my phone android has updated. Now always a error came with:

“Heigh and Width must be > 0”. I set it directly to 5 for both. Always same error.

So my question: Can someone make a extension or have a trick that I can create a folder on normally /myFolder in this folder I will put textfiles.

In this post an extension to create folders:



thank you for your answer. I’ve test it, but on the emulated/0/ it’s not possible to create a dir.

What make I wrong?

In MakeDir

path: /mnt/sdcard/test

Is this for the emulated/0/ internal/local storage? I do not write on sd card, I have none.

I test it now with this. Works. I do not know why I must type mnt/sdcard, I have thought this is only if I will use extern SD card, but works. Thanks a lot!!

Through this extension can we create hidden folder, means .hidden type of folder. Because I don’t want my user to see the mp3 I have downloaded in background.

hello Juan_antonio,
I test it now with this. Works.

but on the emulated/0/dir1/dir2/ it’s not possible to create a dir and move the files
:wink: can u help me… ?