Create Apps Website


Have you published an app on Google Play, and you want to have a strong launch and get users?
Then you would need a fancy website to attract users :wink:

I’ve found this amazing tool for you!

Check it, is super powerful and useful :slightly_smiling_face:


please tell me to know if it is possible to make convert my website into an app which can be published into the google play store.???
is it possible to use google adsense as well as Google AdMob on the same site if it is published as an app?


yes, of course, you can turn your website into an app and also can use AdMob.
Admob is used to monetize the App and Adsense is used to monetize Website.
But if you use ads in Website then those will appear to the user and also impressions and clicks are counted. So better don’t place more ads in the app else users will get irritation to see ads everywhere in the app.