Crash Report Touching The Sky! Help!


Hey! i have develped an app with thunkable and have also closed the previous screens correctly and all set But my Google Play Crash reports are touching the sky as you can see its about 1666 Crashes frequently!!

Please help me to reduce my app crashes.



Firstly be sure that your app is complete. I mean you hadn’t left any component without their work, check for missing assets or blocks such as fonts etc and compile app once again and check the result !!!


I have used all the components

  1. My app size is 9.82MB
  2. App icon in .png format
  3. using spreadsheet component
  4. 1st screen as splash screen


any more detail info about the crashes?
follow tip 1 and 2 here



My app logo dimensions are - 291190
My splash image is of - 168
and the sidebar image is perfect ,

i m enhancing the app from to track my app analytics.

My Components are :


what about checking the detailed crash reports in Google Play?
see for example



Mostly error can be belonging to splash screen or spreadsheet. Check to over again !!