Crash problem in different androids


I have created an app for androids. Divide the users into 2. One can run it, the other can not even open it. It simply crashes. Mostly, users of Samsung and lg users. App is small, with nearly no image. Solution please?


Please give more information and any relevant blocks that may cause the problem. Like i said before in another topic, we are not fortune tellers on the forum. :sunglasses:


trafik_kontrol_istatistik.aia (1.2 MB)
Any other topic was not usefull to my problem or I couldnt find the right one.
Yolu can find the aia file. Please check it.


Maybe you can also post an image of your blocks. This way people can check them instead of downloading and importing the aia file.


I can only say that it starts on my nexus 5x with android 8.1 beta in thunkable live.

You have 2448 blocks, maybe that’s the problem.


I also can see that some of you images are rather big. Maybe you can make them smaller.


Anyone can be inspired by downloading :blush:


I also deleted pictures but result was same. Then put it back. Esspecially Samsung phone s doesnt work with this app. My phone your phone no problem. But other? Why?


Did you publish it on Google Play? You can see some crash statistics in the developer console. These information would be useful, because you can check any relation between the phones (small ram, small rom, weak cpu, etc.)


Next step is this.


@bymaho see tip2 here



There is only one screen


I will check repeating myself


Solution is image. Buttons’ background caused crashing app. Unfortunetly I have to use solid colors for button background. Thanks.


Why, were you using transparent colours? Or background images??


Background images.