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Hello everyone, I’ve created my first extension for App Inventor woot! this extension provides a variety of methods for getting the duration between two dates, I know this is possible with the clock component but this simplifies it a bit more and provides some additional methods.

There are 10 different methods available for getting the duration for a variety of units such as days, weeks, months, years .etc most of these require a startDate and endDate in the form of a String in the following format “MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss”

There are also two methods which will return a countdown as a list which you can see in the following examples of a countdown to Google I/O 2020 :grin:

Which displays in app like so:

Download countdown.aix

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Great start @LukeGackle! Keep up the awesome work.


Great!!! Works fine.


Thanks! This is just my first extension, hoping to create some much more awesome extensions if all goes well :grin:


Waooo another useful and simplified Extension. Well done man. keep it going. we hope for more greater works and extensions from you. i love it and will definitely use it in one of my projects :heart_eyes:


Nice work @LukeGackle, looking forward to adding this to the Thunkable Extensions Directory!


@LukeGackle Great & simple extension. Thanks for contributing for the community!


Thanks for this extension. It will be very useful for me.
Is it possible to compare time, do something when time is up?
For example disable a feature when license expires. Please show me a simple block.


You might want to checkout this


Hi @Patrick_Elisha

At this stage my countdown extension doesn’t have any blocks for comparing times but I will take that feedback on board as it may be a useful function to implement in a future update.

You may be able to use some of the functions in the clock component to compare times, otherwise for the time being I’d suggest trying the method @Red_Panda has posted above.


Thank you. This will be helpful.


Thank You.