Copy blocks to another screen



The actually what i am trying to doing is if i open screen1 and click a button and then it will show me screen2 label1 and other labels are hide on screen2 so how it’s possible ?

i try the below code it’s work with problem “screen2 showing all labels”



Hello @Earning_Trend It means, you want to show only Label 1 on screen 2, if button1 is clicked. Rest of the labels 2,3,4,5,. … will remain hidden on screen 2.

am i right ?


yeah right @cttricks do you know how to do this?


OK then just write this block on your Screen 2

Note : please consider Screen 9 = Screen 2


Thanks, but i don’t want this i want the blocks working on screen1 when screen1 (button1) clicked then the screen2 (label1) shows and other labels will invisible


Your blocks for screen 1 ( button 1 ) clicked to open another screen Screen 2 ( label1) is correct :white_check_mark: you just have to add my blocks on your screen 2. So that when you click button 1 on screen 1 it will take you to the screen 2 and at screen 2 only label 1 will be visible.


That’s awesome thankyou very much, but still have an issue
let suppose i have 5 button in screen1 and want to do same thing on screen2 with five labels so how i can do this ?


I am trying to do this

Screen1 (Button1) clicked so it will open Screen2 (Label1)
Screen1 (Button2) clicked so it will open Screen2 (Label2)
Screen1 (Button3) clicked so it will open Screen2 (Label3)
Screen1 (Button4) clicked so it will open Screen2 (Label4)
Screen1 (Button5) clicked so it will open Screen2 (Label5)


On Screen 1 Write these blocks
I’m going to write blocks only for 3 buttons but you can add more in the same way!

Now for screen 2

Hope this will help you out! :wink:


yeah it’s look like solved. at this time I haven’t mobile to test this i will test this tomorrow and thank you very very much


what about using only one screen? see tip 1



Your welcome Buddy :wink:




@cttricks thanks it’s working and do you know how i add search bar ? for search my buttons


Sorry! Can you explain this ?


i want to do add filter bar in my app. “filter search”


Ok! According to you, you have 5 buttons and you want to show a filter bar at the top, form where users can easily search a button to perform the next task.

Am i right ?


yeah right


For this, you have to use List Viewer component instead of buttons ( 5 buttons ).