Cool Effect tutorial: Rebound Spring Animations for your buttons!



Hello friends I am here with a new Thunkable tutorial that also works for app inventor.
What is “REBOUND”? Rebound is a java library that models spring dynamics. Rebound spring models can be used to create animations that feel natural by introducing real world physics to your application. Probably you have seen this effect in Facebook because Rebound is an open-source spring dynamics animation library for Android made for them!
Anyway I will show you how to replicate this effect in your thunkable buttons , you can use it for other components as well.
PLEASE if you found it useful share it and like it :smiley:


That’s really Cool :grinning: btw I have seen all your Youtube videos xD
Could you share the project .aia?


that’s really cool! World is quite small and here on internet is even smaller :smiley: jeje thanks a lot for watching them!


Thanks for posting this @azaotl, I’m really enjoying your Scratch series too!

Keep up the good work!!


you are welcome friend!!! :wink: Oh glad you like the Scratch videos, I am new to it but I am learning and enjoying it a lot :slight_smile:


great job, thanks.

gran trabajo, gracias por compartirlo.