Converting to feet and inches tape measure


good day, is there an extension that will convert to feet and inches and calculate it? the Convert Extension extension only seems to convert from mile to kilometer and visa versa. I’m looking to make a tape measure.


An extension is not an excuse for everything. As @Italo puts it, the beauty in programming lies in coding it for yourself. In case you aren’t aware of the conversion factor, here it is:

Sorry but nobody will be making extensions for such trivial things.


you miss the point. I’m looking to get a total length and then breaking that length down into other fractions. So, I’m attempting to convert some 32 of an inch to a different denominator. There seems to be no math blocks for inches and feet.


As I’ve put it, if you can do the problem on paper, you will be able to use similar math blocks to achieve the same.

It seems like you are missing the point here.


ok. thanks


La trivialidad es algo relativo es similar al tiempo



You can definitely use the math blocks to do everything you want, tell us what you want to do and someone will for sure explain you how to do it using the math blocks. I personally have created a calculator that finds out how much alcohol you can get from yeast fermentation given any sugar level of a juice.



Thanks for understanding my point. Not trying to be annoying here, but I’m a little annoyed that people is starting to take this “make me an extension” a little too far, being that some things are perfectly doable with blocks. It’s just laziness to think and solve problems. And the saddest thing is that’s the original purpose of App Inventor/Thunkable!

@bobbyj: Here’s the unit convert app I made many years ago, before the extensions were added to App Inventor. If I can do it, then anybody can.

Check the video first to see if it is what you need:

Here’s the aia:
UnitConvert.aia (27.0 KB)


Dude, I’ve been working with Thunkable for two months so excuse me for not totally understanding the blocks. I am far from bring lazy. I was simply looking for help. Everyone in this community has been very helpful in guiding me and other newbies. If you do not want to help, please excuse yourself from this thread. What I need is a little help, not belittling.


First of all, @Italo did help most than us. He gave a full project to you & if you don’t try to understand, that’s your problem. Please, understand that we are helping you, as we can. And if you don’t appreciate our help, that is also your problem. We do what we can, you should stop judging him. As @Helios & @Italo pointed out yet, no one will make extension, for what you can do yet (with existing Math blocks).

Simple math.

All of our community members, are helping to solve problems. So you should appreciate everyone. You may want to read Community Guidelines:

P.S: You should not ignore community members.


Thank for your help. I’ve been creating block to multiple feet and inches. I’ve been trying to get the right result. For instance, 1/16 x 2 comes out as 2/16, instead of 1/8.


My apologies to all


No problem. You are welcome.
The “secret” (if you want to call it something) for a multiple conversion tool is to convert any unit of measure selected to a fixed one. Let’s say you convert any measure selected in the first textbox to millimeters, then knowing that you have your value in millimeters, you use the formula to convert millimeters to the second selected unit. That way you avoid doing dozens of unnecessary IF blocks.