Convert from appybuilder gold


hey , i have successfully downloaded and uploaded my apps legacy aia file to thunkable server with keystore , i generated apk but when i upload to play store

“Your APK needs to have the package name com.myhowin.backoffice.”

i have used a custom package id at appybuilder


Hi @waseem, when you use “upload legacy aia” then the original package name should be retained. Do you know how to check if this has happened correctly?


when i i checked my apps id through package id checker it was slightly diffrent : com.howingroup.howin but the one it was in appybuilder was com.howin.backoffice

sorry for bad english


No problem at all, I understand you perfectly.

So, is the app you’re trying to upload called “howin” or is it called “backoffice”?


howin … back office is just in the package id


Are you sure you used the legacy upload option?

I don’t have time to check right now - but it seems your package name wasn’t carried over when you uploaded your app.


@waseem you should check the link I sent you via PM.

Simply doing this should solve your issue.


@conor no it didnt changed my package id … its still com.howingroup.howin


When everything else fails… do it by yourself (manually) :slight_smile:


You followed all the steps ?
Also change the file step4 ?


@Avram … Its my last option … I dont live in a country with that great internet . Its not possible for me to download all those stuffs in 1 week…

@clement_pignet ill tell ypu from the start… i was a regular user of appybuilder ( they got custom package id option ) but in appybuilder in webview we cant uplode anything.

But here at thunkable ( i am a regular user of thunkable too ) its possible …

So i have a custom package id set at appybuilder = com.myhowin.backoffice

But when i download the aia and upload to thunkable like leagacy way and gemerate apk…

Package Id = com

After i do editing the aia file and changed the folders and stuffs to com . Myhowin . Backoffice when i uplode and generate apk i get

Com.howingroup.howin … and its like thunkable is doing in between something…

Please help me out :frowning: i met with an accident few days back and if this app work is finished i would get some money from friend so i can fix his car which i drove … help me out guys in very bad situation


??? nothing


You may do something wrong in my tuto.
If you upload as legacy project, thunkable won’t change your package name.

In the does the second line have the good title?

How do you know which package name has your apk after compile it?

Ps: please stop pm me, and also : Hello and Thank you in a PM won’t kill you…


am sorry for hello and thank you …
yes the second line holds the goos title …
actually the aia file which i get from appybuilder itself does not hold good package name .
good package name = com.myhowin.backoffice

but in of appybuilder aia it is …

thanks in advance