Control dimmer extensions



Hello, it is the first extension I build it to be able to adhere to values ​​and you can change the colors to suit your taste or taste


this is extensions
com.ahmad.Condrol.aix (19.2 KB)



however let me recommend you to follow the App Inventor color philosophy rather than using hex codes… which means, in the designer use the color blocks to assign colors
in the blocks editor use color blocks or the make color block or an integer value



Unbenanntyou might want to fix some spelling errors…
also is the name of the extension “Condrol” or “Control”?



descompilo la extension y la copio simple


I do not understand what is the purpose of copying the extensions and putting other names when the sources are already published if the meaning is to learn try to create the extensions starting from the template and the library that are integrating

try to think these thunkable do not just copy the codes


I apologize for these mistakes, but it seems that I published the attempt before the last and did not publish the revised

Thank you taifun


I have not dismantled and reconstructed this link on Github

You have the freedom to make sure
thank you andres cotes


This is another linking link
Custom ListView
I did not say you are bringing in the codes. Do you finish where you get the codes or complete?




the name is copy


I do not deny that I used your idea to extend either the name control name is reserved for this reason I used the same name as you



You say that I respect your head but there is a difference between the two
A clear difference


no this


I will not prolong the argument thanks anyway



naming variables with capitals too ??
That’s weird


It’s not the code that I’ve worked on