Connect my app to the mobile camcorder

How can I connect my app to the mobile camcorder?
I find this video about it but I cannot find the option “camcorder” on the media. Actually there is no Media folder, just Image where you can connect your camera picture but no video.

Hi Domhnall, unfortunately nobody reply to my message regarding connect the mobile camcorder. Can you help me on this problem? I posted a video where it shows probably an old version of Thunkable and this was possible.
All the best

Hi Paolo,

Are you using The video you’ve attached is from Thunkable Classic, which we no longer support.

Hi, thanks for your reply. yes you are right, I understood this. But with the new version how can connect my app to the mobile camcorder? I am sure it is possible, if it was possible in an old version must exist the change to do with the new
I am really sorry not to be able to discover it by myself. As I mentioned before this app will part of the products to develop for a European project called Lingua+ ( and for us it is essential to connect the camcorder, to give to the teachers the opportunity to record and to store their feedback about 15 Learning Paths done with immigrants. There are involved 5 European countries, our company from UK, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Italy and the coordinator from Iceland. So if you can suggest me any way to solve this case I will thank you for my entire life…I am not so young but I hope another 20 years of thanks I will be able to give you! Have a good day.

Hi Domhnall, I didn’t received any reply from you about my question. I know you must be very busy to manage all this, but I would like to have an input from you as expert. Is it possible to connect the camcorder ? thanks to let me know. All the best