ColorPicker Tool Extension (Paid)



Esta extensión permite mostrar una paletas de colores para ser seleccionado


Show ColorPicker

Muestra la paleta de colores en un dialogo


Después de seleccionar el color al hacer click en aceptar arroja en un int el color de la seleccion.



Libreria de ayuda

otros métodos similares

Price 10 USD


Andres Cotes


@Andres_Cotes the demonstration looks nice, good job!

see also @Italo’s color picker here
which uses App Inventor blocks without any extension



ok ya la añadí al post


Powerful and useful extension. Keep up the great work


After @Andres_Cotes permission I am sharing this video to show how I have used the extension to change the “theme” of my app.

I changed Sidebar, Actionbar, FABs, labels, textboxes, listpickers color.
I simply included a button in my Settings “screen” to change the colors to the components I wanted.

I have used 2 buttons to change the primary and secondary color I wanted.

The reason that I am describing all these is because the app is in Greek so you will probably understand nothing of the text in the labels, unless you speak my language.

Here is the video






where can i buy this extention?