Collintree listview.. need to show 3 data

Any idea how to show 3 or more data from collintree listview?

Can you explain this a bit more?
Presently, ColinTree listview is able to show an image, text and subtext. I think this is enough for any listview.

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Hi @manelek,

In fact, ColinTree ListView shows two data. You can use (Subtitle ) as one of data. You can store the second and third data as list of two items.
Then you can show each item in one line as following:
(Item2) “\n” (item3)

The result is as following:


Is that you mean?

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I need 1 Title text and 2 subtext my friend…

You got it. That what i mean, im doing it online with firebase. But i need 2 subtext, i try to add some items but it didnt show in the listview. It just the 1 title and 1 subtext

the 3rd one don’t appear

You can use " \n " with the join block to show both information in on item.

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for instance, i see a liste of four items, you can just make a list of 3 items: picture, 2.textbox4 and 3 textbox5 \n textbox8 (using the text join block.

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Hey man. I appreciate your help. But i use \n already. Yet no shown up for the second subtext…
You see my blocks picture above? Can you do me an example. Thnks