Colin Tree List View Extension - Sort List

Hello Thunka Friend Please Tel Me How To alphabetly Sort List?

this My Sample aia Please Give Me correct Blocks
SortList.aia (67.3 KB)

Anyone Can Help Me?

No way.


Your problem is really complicated because the ColinTreeListView has a nested list as input, so all common sorting algorithms don’t know by which sublist element to sort. You would have to implement that yourself

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what I due…

Hello, @jana
ColinTreeListView is just a container and a listview to display your data.
To sort the list items, you need to compare every items and sort them with a specified rule (e.g. alphabetic) which should be done by developer(s) but not the component.

How to sort a list using the webviewer(!)

What is the extraButton click feature…?

How can i use it extraButton…??