Colin ListView VS ListView time load

I have finished my quotes app testing both with ListView and ColinTreeListView.

I am using online JSON to retrieve the quotes and make the app update dynamic without the need to use databases or reupload to Play Store.

What i have found testing both the listview and the extension from Colin:

The Loading Dialog show me that is takes 1 to 2 seconds to Web decode and get the JSON and transfer it AT ALMOST REAL TIME to Listview component, as it takes 18 to 20 seconds of blank screen using ColinListView, and more 2 to 3 seconds little crash after the list is displayed.

Unfortunatelly, Listview is way limited compared to Colin’s, but using 700 quotes (and increasing) i’m being forced to abandon Colin’s and stay with normal Listview.

My doubt is: anyone here have the same problem loading a big data, and could overcome it with ColinTreeListView?

I searched the forum ad found only Firebase and TinyDB related topics.