Coding Challenge! ~ Sort a List of Objects

I came across a pretty complex algorithm that I developed last year that I thought would be challenging and useful of others. So hence…

Coding Challenge

Sort a List of Objects by a property inside of the objects


The full code and project can be remixed here: Thunkable


Let’s first define a list of objects to be sorted

We will sort on favorite > number, so I wrote a helper function that takes in the object and then returns the favorite number

Now let’s write a function to display that list in a list viewer

Whenever the screen starts or when we press the Shuffle button, we will display shuffled version of the list

And now we can see what the unsorted list looks like

Now I define the COMPLEX sorting algorithm. In summary:

  • If there is nothing in the list, add the object to the list
  • If there is one object in the list, see if the current object should go before or after
  • If there is more than one object in the list, loop through each object in the list to find where to insert the current object

And now when we press Sort, we can pass in the unsorted list to the sorting function and get the sorted list!

Closing Thoughts

If you need to use this in your app, I’d encourage you to remix this app (link above) and then copy the screen into your own app, so that you don’t have to block all of this out. See this article:

And if you need to sort in descending order then you can just update the Display List function to insert at first instead of insert at last.


it is awesome! should be great if datalist viewer works like this too

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Update: This video shows you how to add my sorting algorithm above to your app!

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@darren and @saramdl.gaunde021. Would it be possible to use this code to display results in a datalist viewer? This would neatly solve a sorting issue that I have. Thanks!

What is your data source?

Hi Darren

The problem I have is at this link:

Someone suggested listing objects and I then came across this post. Any help would be great. Thanks!