Code editor html js and more tutorial (credit : LiveG technologies)


Here is the code editor method which adds code editor to your thunkable app.

View the tutorial and download source files from :slight_smile:


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Hi @Aravind_Chowdary, please refrain from using these sorts of tactics.


Many of the websites which offer free source files use this…


It’s a duplicate of this topic


Yep, and I hide/remove those too when I see them.

@Aravind_Chowdary, do you have permission from @LiveG-Technologies to reuse their screenshots and to redistribute their work?


Do not trust Aravind Chowdary


I guess not,


@Domhnall, maybe unlist the topic since the link why it was posted is removed.


Hi @Aravind_Chowdary, thanks for using my code editor! Please don’t forget to add attribution inside of the app too if you haven’t already. Thanks for the credit in the post title too!

Have a good day :grinning:
-James from LiveG Technologies.