Closing a screen that it's not the active one


Hello everyone.
I’m a beginner on this platform and I need to ask you something that i don’t know how to do.
In my project there is the Screen1 that is the main menu. One of the menu choice bring the user in the Screen2 where there is a form where the user can input some some data. When the user has done, he press the button next and go in the Screen3 where the app show the user all the data that he has inputted and then ask if he confirm those inputs.
Now there is the problem: I want that when the users doesn’t accept, the app simply go back in Screen2 (and I know how to do this: i just close the Screen3 when the button to not confirm is pressed) but I want that when the user press the button to confirm, the app go back in Screen1 and close both Screen3 and Screen2. Is that possible?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Hi, @Eccelsius
As far as I understand, you want something like this.


The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor


@Taifun thx for the reply but I can’t use this method because i need that Screen2 remain open in background while Screen3 is active

@yusufcihan sorry, probably i didn’t explain well the problem. I open the Screen1, press a button that redirect me to Screen2 where the user can write in some text boxes, press a button that redirect me to Screen3 where the app show the texts that the user wrote and ask him if he confirm that those are the right input. Here i have 2 button: the first one doesn’t confirm the input, so I close the Screen3 when the button is pressed and it automatically go back to the previously open Screen2 that still has all the data that the user wrote in the text boxes. The second button confirm that those input are correct so i want that Screen3 and Screen2 are both closed and it go automatically back to the first opened Screen1. My problem is that i don’t know how I can close the Screen2 when i press a butonn in Screen3.


what about using Screen2 as manager screen then?
see also Tribblehunter’s Multiple Screen Method … you might want to use that method for Screen1 then


I can’t make the Screen2 the main screen because the Screen1 is the main menu of the app and it can redirect to more than 1 screen.
Probably I can explain the problem in other simpler words: it’s possible to close all the screens except the Screen1?


Open all screens one and add a command to close each one.


maybe this block could be the right one? in screen 2 you read the result and set to close screen 2 too


Screen2 and Screen3 should be merged, just use arrangements to simulate different screens
see also tip 1