Clock app always fire

If I have a clock on 3 screens .
Ads are on all.
Clock is constantly firing after 20 seconds.
Is this in violation of Google ?
Please help really facing a problem .

If fires what?

Banner ads, or interstitial?

If you start an interstitial every 20 seconds, yes, I am pretty sure that that would be a violation. But even if it wasn’t, who would want a trash app that interrupts you 3 times per minute anyway?

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I believe the optimal time period between ads is 1 minute. If someone uses your app for 10 minutes they will see 10 ads. At 1 per minute it’s not too intrusive for the user and provides a decent number of ads for the developer as well.

I would not call one ad per minute “optimal”, unless they appear following an action on my part. If they pop-up in my face once very 60 seconds, while I am in the middle of something, that is an app I would definitely uninstall and report negatively on Play.Google.

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So what should I do just fire clock on opening screen and then turn it off ?
Also I think that on 3 screens , when only 1st is open the other 2 are firing which ultimately leads to Google violation

You start the clock ONLY when the screen opens, using the .initialize block.

And you shut down the clock when the screen closes and you return to the previous screen.

That way, there is ONLY one clock running at any time.

I should have clarified I meant banner ads.

You are right about Interstitial ads. They should only pop up after taking action and no more than 1 every 5 minutes (at least).

But AdMob banner ads refresh themselves, there is no need for a timer.

I’ll clarify myself properly this time lol.

On your Admob account you can choose how frequently they are to be displayed. The default recommended setting is 1 minute. You can ask for them to be refreshed quicker or slower.

Admob banner ad refreshes itself . What ? I did not knew that . For admob banner , I should not put clock anyway then .
My admob and Adsense have been banned because of this . Could you now tell me what should I do ?
Would opening new Adsense and admob help ? Or Google will track me anyway and then block again