Click over image get coordinates pointer, event. Click over label, event

Hi friends,

with this extension you can click over label and image and get that event to do a code.

Here an example:

  • When touch image you get pointer coordinates in image: (x, y)

p193i2_click_label_image.aia (32.8 KB)

com.KIO4_LabImgClick.aix (7.9 KB)


Exelente trabajo

Gracias @Andres_Cotes


Does anyone remember image maps in HTML? This could be used to do something like that!
Also, it’s always useful to have a click event listener, thanks @Juan_Antonio

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Thanks @Domhnall, ImageMap is posible with Canvas and Sprites…

SpriteImage with dimensions horizontal vertical but without image.


hi is it possible to click on the image and open a new screen with this extension?

hola es posible hacer click en la imagen y abrir una nueva screen con esta extencion?

si señor es posible

como seria

lee el primer post hay estan todas las indicaciones

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