Click on a button of screen 1 and want to visible a vertical scroll arrange of screen 2



I can’t do that Please help me.


do this in the block
when screen 2 intention then set vertical scroll arrange visible


I have multiple vertical scroll arrange in screen 2 and I want to visible only one among others. So when I click on a button on screen 1 its hide screen 1 and visible one of my vertical scroll arrange in screen2. That is what I need. Please help with that and sorry for not understanding your answer.


what about using only one screen? this would make things much easier…
see tip 1 here



Taifun’s tips are the best, but If you want to use 2 screens you have to use these blocks in the pic.
The first in the first screen and the second in the second screen, you have to pass a value.
You can set this value as you want , a number , a word. :+1:
If you don’t close the first screen when pass a value it remains open, this would be good or bad for your purpose.
Good work!

edit: you’re right I forgot the photo… @Learn_Everythings


I want it to be with one screen But I can’t. Because when I use pdf viewer to view pdf, Files are not loading. I have huge blocks in One screen. That’s why I thinking to use another screen. Use of single screen is very helpful to me but I can’t so what’s your thought about that.


can you please send me a example?


that sounds like there is some opportunity for improvements…



I need time to apply your method. Let’s see it’s really work for me. But I have another problem.

I set a alert(notify) to every button after that my ads are gone. What was reason behind it? Can you tell please


I tried that it works but PDF viewer not loading. What’s the reason behind it.


Use a tiny DB
and set it as when button one click Tiny Db.Set Value to “1”
and when screen 2 initialize If Tiny DB.Get Value = “1” Then Vertical Arrangement.Visible to true


is it an extensions? show some blocks


Here another problem, I can’t show pdf on PDF viewer. See my method and tell where I miss the trick!
A black bar showing when it’s trying to open.



Please send me a example. It’s really helpful.


Here is the example .aia

Example_Androbot.aia (22.7 KB)



i don’t know this extension well, but i think it works with a web viewer, so maybe the component is hidden behind the buttons or labels (back-home). i think it’s a graphic problem , check size and position of the element


thanks @ANDROBOT your method works. Thank you. One more thing. web viewer is unable to load pdf file from google drive. I share a screenshot of that earlier.
I have 1000+ blocks in single screen of my current project. I used my method on less than 100 block project, it works very nice but when I use it to my big project on screen 1 or screen 2 it’s misbehave. Please see and tell me anything wrong about my method.


But why it is hidden. I used same method to my another one it’s works very nice but here it’s misbehave. My one screen contains 1000+ blocks so is that a reason?


may be any other block or any other component is stopping to work properly So once check all your blocks and settings


maybe you have changed some setting and you missed to change any one of setting in it…
Check twice

if you an share your aia with me then i can check it

and if you got the solution for the first problem then mark it as solution so that it can help others…


So unnecessary code @ANDROBOT.