Circleimageview AI

There is not an especially extension for making circle image in thunkable , but this is a nice way to do that simply. see the the youtube video :wink:

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There is, follow url of it.

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Hi Geek_Unit_CI,

thank you for sharing your easy workaround with us! I like your way to make a circle crop picture.

I faced this issue a time a go and found the pedrozaGlide extension, which handles circle crop and gives the possibility to load pictures from the web and from the device in a efficient manner. But it is relatively large (700 kb). But it works really smooth!

Another way was mentioned by Heldemir_Lima. Mika, famous for genius extensions has brought the Image Editor Extension to the community and it can do much more than only circle crop. But it needs png, to my knowledge. PedrozaGlide can use jpg. (png will always be about 3 times larger than jpg image).

I hope you will continue to share your solutions to us :grinning:

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WOw cool !! Thank you too for sharing.