Check if user is near a location


Since it has bee asked a lot I want to release a .aia file which checks whether the user is near a specified location. The map moves to the user’s location once and then waits for the user to click on it. If the user clicked the map, a marker and a circle is displayed. Below the map component you can see the calculated distance between the user’s location and the marker and if the user is in the radius of the marker. Adjust the global variable radius to your needs. The project uses my DistanceTools extension.
maps.aia (11,9 KB)

Notify when entering the circle
How can I show only markers of places/users that are located within 200 meter from my current location?
How to compare Google Maps locations?

I tested map.aia . I can remove marker and remove circle by button. But i can’t add new maker and new circle. Please explain with me. (Sorry i amateur and write English little)


Sorry, but I don’t understand. Try to explain it better please. I don’t think I have a button in my project


I am add button for remove circle and marker. I need remove circle and marker by button and true method. Please method. Thank you.


You should read the documentation first if you haven’t. The id’s of the marker and the circle are stored in a variable, so you can delete them by calling

Google maps cicle


i was trying the you were explaining but it does not work.

kindly advice…


thanks for suggestion.

now it’s working well.


May I get the .aia File. I really need this.



The aia file is linked in the original post itself. See the last line


Thanks @Vaibhav_Patil , When I tried earlier its showing no page found(something like this) but now its ok

Thanks again


How do I apply the download to one of my projects?


Hi @AlinaShuttleworth, welcome to the Thunkable Community :wave:

Does this doc help you with downloading your app?


Thank you, but I was wondering how to apply the feature (download) mentioned by @Red_Panda at the top of this page to one of my projects. If you could find the time to answer this, that would mean a lot.