Chave do appinventor ou google developer para o thunkable

I used appinventor to create my apps and now i migrated to thunkable for the extra functions but i am having problem with the application signature in the playstore, does anyone know how i add this signature in thunkable to upload the apps

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hi @towcorp - just to confirm, are you using Thunkable Classic or Thunkable X?

Perhaps this should be in the #thunkable-cross category instead?

hello i’m using thunkable classic and when i put an update and / or a new app asks for a signing certificate

some of my apps have been canceled

You have submitted an APK that is not signed with the upload certificate. You need to use the same certificate. Upload certificate has fingerprints:

Thanks for clarifying.

Just FYI, I’d recommend you consider using Thunkable X instead:

Which extra functions in particular are you looking for?