Chat screen view


Dear Thunkers,
I have creating a chatting app and the “register,login” Screens works are finished now just i need to design “Chat screen” . now in this stage i need your support and advise to complete the app.
In the chat screen how we can design left and right side chat views (ex. user “A” send a text message to user “B” .then user “A” want show the message right side on the chat screen and User “B” shows the message in left side) like whats app chat

Sorry for my bad English . hoping you understand what i want.

Thanks for advance


Hey there @irshadedappettavqd1, :wave:

Are you using #thunkable-cross??


@Domhnall no i have using thunkable classic


Hi @irshadedappettavqd1,

I think until now there is no free extension to do that.
there is a paid extension. you can find it here