Chat Bubble for chatting App


Hey Guys,

How can i add a speech bubble in my chat app?

Like Whatsapp, someone wrote something, Bubble with Text coming.

I use Firebase for the Chat.

Thanks for Helping.



do you mean like this?

here’s the (29.1 KB)
Hope that is helpful.

Scroll Vertical Scroll Arrangement Automatically

Let me see and confirm


That’s nice, but isn’t there a native option too?


what do yoy mean by native option. anyway it’s all about css. if you know css, you can changeit in the html from assets


There aren’t.


there are some extentions for this kind of buble chat, you may want to search the forum.


Hi Kevinkun,
I tried your aia file and it’s very good. Is there any way to save the chat history?
Whenever I restart the app, the webview always start as blank. Can you help me with that?


you can set the history to a list and save in tinyDB or a txt fille, and load it when needed.


Thank you for the quick reply.
Actually I am new here with no knowledge of programming. Can you show me how to do that Please?


please provide us aix file please…


This is not an extension.
You may download the aia to find how it works.



Showing error file not found


same problem


the file chat.html must be uploaded into the assets of your app
also you have to use the correct path to the file, see also


Hi Fabio…i’m looking for format as the gloves are seen…boxwide, colour, position…I’m not a programmer and start to learn some html+css…but I’m still newy on this…can you show me your stuff for format that blue bubble?, for example…Thanks a lot!!!


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