Chart.js using?

Hello everyone.

This website (Beautiful JavaScript Charts & Graphs | 10x Fast | 30 Chart Types) has great graphics. For example (JavaScript Multi Series Area Charts | CanvasJS) like this:

But I don’t want to use the default values in the picture:


Instead, I want to enter my own values. For example, when I enter these values into the textbox and then click a button, I want this graph to appear. Unfortunately, I don’t know what the appropriate blocks are to be able to do this. Can someone help me with this? The sample blocks would be great. Thank you very much in advance. (Besides, I’m sorry I’m not good at English.)

It is JavaScript, and since you are asking in the Classic forum, and that Classic has the means to communicate two ways with a HTML/JavaScript file loaded in a WebViewer using the WebViewString, all you need is for your Thunkable app to format the required information in the way that suits you (the string can be of an arbitrary length, I routinely pass hundreds of parameters in this manner) and have the JavaScript file parse it and populate its internal variables accordingly.

Sample blocks would not help you much, since they would essentially depend on the format you decide to have, which can be anything as long as they match the format expected by the JavaScript program that you also need to develop.

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