Changing properties of cloned components (DIY Advanced Listviewer)

This is a well-known and long-standing bug. Because of it, Switch, Slider will also not work

Seems like a bug to me. I can change the original row’s text input fields and then clone them successfully but if I try to edit a cloned text input field, I can’t erase what is shown and I can only add a single letter to the end.

Hi All,

I’m running into problems while cloning - hopefully you guys may be able to help.

1 - I’m cloning rows in a column called “Feed”
2 - Each “row” has 11 rows inside it and 4 buttons
3 - When I press button 1 I need Row 1 to be hidden
4 - I need this to occur when I press button 5,9 and so on

Any ideas?

I just wanted to share my extended list viewer here! Thanks to @domhnallohanlon and @Darren and @actech for all of the guidance with this!

I use this to display private notes left by my app users. these notes are so they can review any notes they took on any given day

the screen
giphy (1)

the code I use to populate the extended dynamic list viewer


This looks awesome - nice work @jared!

Tiny bit of UI feedback though - you could probably get away with having “X” instead of “Delete Entry”

Other wise looks really good!

Thank you @domhnallohanlon ! That is the kind of FB I am looking for. I feel like all of my friends/colleagues I share this app with want to spare my feelings! I say tear it apart! :laughing:

Update: thanks for the FB. Implemented with padding do the user can’t miss!


I have made this, and it wprks fine.

But I would like to have a static heading above the list. How can I do that?.
I have tried putting it inside scrollable rows or colums, but that dont work.
I can only get it to scroll right by setting the screen to scrollable.


Make the screen, not scrollable

Put your column to be cloned, inside another column. Make that column scrollable

Place a row on the screen

Set position to absolute

Set top edge offset to 0

Set width to 100%

Set your desired row height

Place your static label in that row.

Like this?

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Thanks… I have tried that, but the window only scrolls with what is on the screen, can’t scroll outside that.

It just flexes back when I try to scroll… If you put more items than what fits a screen, can you then scroll?.

Can you share a screenshot of your component tree @Claus_Holbech1?

What @jared has suggested should work fine for this - the label just need to be above the scrollable column.


yes! as your fill your column, it will start to scroll up and down. here is another example of the same idea on a different screen.

giphy (6)

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Thanks alot I got it to work.


@Claus_Holbech1 how did you fix it? what was the solution/issue you had to get past?

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It was almost too simple… I was focused on getting the row with the clonable content to scroll, where I instead just had to do it on the row i cloned to.


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hi @jared,

thanks for your kind reply,
could you please share me your extended list view (FB feed)

thanks and regards

Hi @justin.thanh84v20, thanks for reaching out. Can you describe a little further what you are looking for specifically? Would you like to be able to remix an app that can produce cloned columns like mine? Or do you need a custom list viewer for your purposes? (if you copy my app, yours will only appear as mine do unless you change the components and code. However, you can use the same style and fill it in with your info. You should be able to add/delete components inside a ‘sample’ column to make your style and follow a pattern based on the component number to be able to populate any other element that you set inside the original sample column.

I have previously shared that here.

Is there a different use case than what is shown in that link?

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I’m using an android phone and scrolling seems to be an problem in your app, I cloned a few lables and can just the 3 1/2 Labels, the fourth label is just half visible and everything below label 4 is not visible and I can’t scroll further down.

In the Web “Live Test” it works fine.

Any idea how to fix this scrolling issue under android?

Thank you.

The attached screenshot has a low resolution, resulting in garbled characters.

Thank you for attaching a higher resolution image.

Sorry. Which picture?