Changing package name to update existing app



I gad the same issue but thunkable doesn’t give you the opportunity to choose the package name but you can still change your version code if you want to update your app…If it is still not working maybe make your app unavailable and upload a new one. Hope this helps and contact for any further request


Hello, @Avram

Do you have the java version app published on play store? And you want to release the new version with thunkable and unable to release it due to play store not accepting the update?



@mannankhanabdul Yes, exactly. I have the old java version published but I can’t publish a new one due to the package name difference.

@Yuzu_Inc I know I can make old app unavailable and publish a new one, but I would like to avoid that because I have more than 100k downloads of the old app and wouldn’t like to have to build my audience from scratch :confused:


Quick question: Have you published any version of AI compiled apk on Playstore?


Nope, not yet.


Can you check all apk’s sdk versions from archive from developer console … list them all…


@mannankhanabdul I’m not quite sure I understand what do you want me to see? Like min sdk and target sdk from manifest file? From my old (published) app?


Yes I need the published versions Targeted SDK Versions. You can either check from developer console’s published apk release management page or manifest file.


Here it is:

<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="8" android:targetSdkVersion="18" />


Ok. Your Java Version app is on target sdk 18 and Thunkable is on SDK 22 which is higher. First step with the app certify is good and dev-console should allow app update without any issues. Now please tell me what is the error you get when you upload the new apk on Playstore?


It says

Your APK needs to have the package name

It also complains about a different certificate, but I have the old certificate so I guess it’s not a problem to sign it with my certificate. Maybe I can even import my old keystore file into Thunkable?


As you said above… you have used APK Studio and ApptoMarket and compiled the apk sucessfuly with package name… Thunkable minimum SDK is 14 when you decompile and compile with ApptoMarket tools will downgrade sdk version to lower and this will break the functionality and app wont install… I recommend to build app on ai2 which is running on minimum SDK 4 and do the decompile and rename the package name and compile it again and install on the phone and try test and upload to play store.



I doubt the apktool (used from command line) changes minSdk without reason. I will check tomorrow (decompile modified apk and check the manifest). Thank you for your help


Ok try and let us know…

As you said above you have used ApptoMarket tool and it does downgrade the SDK at first step… You will see the Android theme changes when decompile/compile and zipalligne etc…

In the later step it won’t as you said apktool. APK has been already downgraded to lower SDK.


Hi @Avram

Can you tell us what app you’re trying to update and share your new Thunkable apk, so maybe I or anyone else can make an effort to see if it works.

Just to mention it still works to change package names for Thunkable apps.



Does this help if the package name has been changed?


You can change using APK editor pro
it work.


but cont sing with original key


I have solved my issue by doing steps described here:


First download the .aia file of your app and then rename the file name i.e. the package name, after renaming upload that .aia file to thunkable and done, the package name is changed.
But You can’t use space in the package name instead use underscore i.e. __