Catch the ball Game tutorial Part 01 #English

English version of my tutorial “Catch the ball” (atrapar la pelota)
Learn how to make a catch the ball game in Thunkable
This is a tutorial to help you make step by step a catch the ball game for Android.
These tutorial series covers many basic things about making game in Thunkable or App Inventor.

If you follow these tutorials you will learn how to:

-Resize components in the screen using “responsive” design
-Resize sprites in the Canvas
-Position sprites in Canvas
-Add a graphic score
-add start game procedures
-add game over procedures
-move sprites using clocks and "speed"
and many things more.


Great tutorial for beginners, liked it.

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Thanks a lot! :wink: I will try to upload next part as soon as possible.

25 likes! so here you have the aia with images… after 207 days :frowning:


Very useful. Thx