Caps Lock keyboard on configuration


Hello guys, is there a way you can initialize the screen with the caps lock keyboard on? when you want to enter information in the textbox.


When you get text from textbox use the upcase block to set all text big . You find it under text’s block


Thanks very much, it worked.


What about when you are typing and you want the words to be upecase?
i tried to use the clock in sensor when timer fires i had to set the texts upcase,
it’s working but how can i set the time that each time i type the letter becomes upcase…


I don’t know, you can set a little time interval . Try also when got/lost focus in the text box to start/stop the clock or to set upcase the text. For example when lost focus set upcase the text, is a little different but a good way if you don’t need realtime changes


you might want to try the textbox extension and its AfterTextChanged event


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