Canvas image gets saved two times on my phone


I did a Time Stamp app. There is no issue with the date, time and location as such. But after getting the Date and Time on the pic, the picture gets saved 2 times on my phone - One plain pic and another is the one with date and time. I want only the pic with Date and Time to be saved and not the original one.
Attached are the blocks.

Looking for help for the following:

  1. Only one image with date and time ( which is edited on canvas) should be saved.
  2. Image should be saved to Gallery - Not to any explicit folder like SD Card. Just as in like when I click a PIc from my camera it shows in the gallery - Just like that I want to save it to gallery. As of now, the image with date and time is visible but under “From S.D card” in Gallery. In short, I want the output as in the following example of Taifun ImageExtension - Only one image to be saved and that too to the Gallery.

Any help would be highly appreciated.