Cant publish on playstore


Hì all, im unable ti publish on playstore. Im geting this message, someone can help me? thanks in advance

Target API level requirements starting from August 2019


The current target API level of your app is 26, but the minimum target API level must be 28 to make sure the app is based on the latest APIs optimized to ensure security and good performance.

Starting from August 2019, the new apps must have the Android 9.0 version as a minimum target (API level 28).
Starting in November 2019, app updates must target the Android 9.0 version (API 28 level).


Change the target API level of your app. [Find out how] (

APK not optimized


This APK ensures that unused code and resources become available to users. The app may be smaller if you have used the Android App Bundle format. If you don’t optimize the app for device configurations, the app will be larger to download and install on users’ devices than it should be. Large apps register a lower percentage of successful installations and take up the storage space of users’ devices.


Use the [Android App Bundle] format ( to automatically optimize device configurations or manage them independently with multiple APKs.

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