Can't open project after installing extension

Dear Thunkable. After installing the actionbar extension - Cordes, I Am unable to open my app project, nor can I download from the "download All aia projects. I get no error notices?
I haven’t any backup aia :disappointed_relieved: It’s a big project, with many hours of coding & work. Is there anything I can do???

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it seems to be, you learned the hard way, that backups are important… see again tip 6 here

what happens, if you try to download only the aia file of the current project?


Hi Taifun, you are right.
This is learning the hard way… Nothing happens when I try to download only the .aia file. I think what maybe corrupted the blocks was that I installed an older version of the action bar, found out it couldn’t´t handle changing the action bar background color - installed an newer version, removed some old blocks and then the problems started occurring and I couldn´t reenter. I guess I have to recreate the whole project ( and backup… ) - but thx for responding anyway!

what is your project id?
probably @admins are able to help you and like to find out, what happened to avoid this in future?

Hi, the same thing happened to me, and there’s no way I’ll be able to do the project again :frowning: Did you solve the problem?

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Are you able to download your aia


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