Cannot save opened app after 3 month. "Server error."



“Server error: could not copy app. Please try again later!”

Apk iz 7.5mb. 4 screens. And yes there are a lot of blocks, but 3 months ago this was not the problem!!!

Now when I need to update to new version I cannot save app with changes.
Building apk is OK.

Are there any time in a day when those servers are not generating error - less busy or what?


In Firefox set dom.max_script_run_time from 10 to 20.
Must be similar setting in Chrome also…


I have the same problem. I tried above solutin, but it didnt help. Is there any other solution to try?


upload your latest backup and restart from there
you made backups frequently, didn’t you?
see also tip 6 here



Hi Taifun,
thx for your prompt reply. I was waiting for a while, tried again and then it made copy.

I have aias on my computer. I do following recommendations regarding screens and images as Ive had already problems because od that :). Otherwise, there are no problems with that app testing it on phone, making apks, aias etc, just that error.

Now I have another issue with jquery mobile :). Will double check and open post if neccessary.