Cannot add new blocks




I am new to this environment so apologize if this is not the right place for this topic:
App has 1 screen and 3700 blocks. All of a sudden it gets impossible to connect more blocks, the little yellow connect sign does not show up. All my projects are affected.
The following helps but just temporarily:

  • empty the backpack
  • copy all blocks to the backpack
  • delete (all) blocks
  • paste all blocks from the backpack

Moving a block around again allows to add to just that block.

I would appreciate any advise,

Luc Stynen


3700 are not that much… my guess is, you also have loads of components on the screen, for example arrangements, labels, buttons, etc?

generally you have to simplify your blocks (DRY - Don’t repeat yourself) and remove redundancy

also it might help to split the screen into 2 screens
see also



Tnx a lot for the prompt reply!
It seems the problem is not related to the app’s #blocks or #components; I discovered that even a project with just a few blocks has the problem: I cannot add a block (e.g. to a procedure) unless I first move the procedure (grab it and drop it). With this I mean: the small yellow tag image does not appear unless the procedure is moved to a different location on the screen. No big deal for something small, but inconvenient for a larger app. It seems like copying all blocks up and down the backpack works as well, but just temporarily.
Please note that everything worked fine until a couple of days ago.



which browser are you using?
use Google Chrome or Firefox


Chrome, Always. I just tested with Edge, same problem.
There is also another glitch since a couple of days: the vertical scrollbar of the blocks view disappears frequently, switching back and forth to design brings it back, just temporarily.



Edge is not supported
you might want to try Firefox then



Tried Firefox, used Chrome on a different PC, same behaviour. This makes me think it is something on the server side. Was there perhaps any maintenance performed on the Thunkable software recently?
I will continue development and inform if things change, hopefully to the better.