😮 can you build an app for asssitme@Thunkable?🤖

:wave: welcome to assistant for thunkable :tada:

:point_down: guys, I don’t any any ideas of creating an agent but I generally came up with it.

what it generally does is that though any thing in iOS hadn’t featured any google=assistant yet! I’m telling you, I’m still working on it. though simple text response objects doesn’t matter for this agent.
which includes dynamic links too in which users can click suggestion chips (kind of) .but i’ll build that image-responses for later. I’m just assuming as building a chart. please take a look.
Screenshot 2021-08-27 130127
that could be simple for a hangouts chat bot, though slack bot builder deos’nt import any charts to diaog-flow.

I think it’s confusing to use the #WDC (Weekend Design Challenge) hashtag since that’s a staff-facilitated activity. We’re also nowhere near the 34th challenge. I’ll remove “#WDC34” from your topic title but you’re welcome to encourage people here to work on a specific challenge… I’d just stay away from declaring it as WDC. You can certainly suggest a WDC topic but I think @domhnallohanlon is in charge of deciding what actually gets posted as a prompt for the community.


in my current time zone(asia/kolkata GMT+530), it’s saturday.

can you build an app for assistme@Thunkable same as google assistant with some dynamic links or suggestions
  • yes,I can
  • I’m trying
  • No,I cannnot

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That’s my question!

happy-Thifing! (I mixed dialog-flow and Thunkable :grinning:)