Can we use Block factory to build extensions [short answer: no]

Hello everyone I have gone through the following link
It is a place where we can develop blocks with the help of blocks itself .Isn’t it really amazing!
It creates JSON & Javascript of our blocks but, I dont know how to create a .aix extension from that.Can anyone help or just conclude that ,is it possible to create extensions from Block factory or not?
The following tutorial is helpful to create blocks from block factory:


Interesting… but I don´t know…

No creo posible por qué la extensión nesecita clases de núcleo para ser creadas

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@Andres_Cotes please try block factory & conclude if it is possible to create blocks with it or not .I have great hope on block factory & you are an extension developer who can answer this question so please try it !

the block constructor is designed for blocky as a programming language not as methods built in java


I think it’s not possible, because it cannot output java code and because you often need functions which do not exist in blockly (otherwise there would be no need for extensions) when programming extensions

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It’s pretty simple just copy the blockly or block factory JAVA code and visit tutorial below to know how to create a extension.

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I have gone through the link that you have shared but I don’t have any knowledge about git .So , Can you please elaborate how we can build the extension using block factory.

First of all download all the required things.
Second import all packages as written in the Webpage I have given.
Now goto code section and there it is written that
///////////////////////////////////////////add your code here//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Goto blockly and change language to JavaScript.
Copy and paste it and you’re done.

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JavaScript != Java


You can get a tutorial of creating js to java here

Both of them are quite similar

Or you can get some software which change js to java

Nope, it’s not simple, and as has already been discussed, this is not a helpful response for someone looking for help.

They’re “similar” insofar as they’re both programming languages.

You can’t take the JS output from Blockly and simply paste it into a Java file.

Java and Javascript are similar like Car and Carpet are similar.

As I have written above you can also use a program to convert js to java

But you didn’t mention that this step was needed in your original post.

Will the converted output also include all the relevant Android libraries??

It’s written on the website of which shared the link.

I didn’t say that don’t include libraries it is given on the website of which I shared the link

Sorry for that I just forget to write it thanks to you that u have arise the question

And for the software u can use rhino compiler.

Goto below link to download

Instructions is been given in below link

You only posted your link to the NativeScript framework after I pointed out that Java and JavaScript are completely different things!

Anyway, we’ve veered completely off topic. The short answer to @Eenjeen’s question is that the Block builder can’t be directly used to generating code for extensions.

@sunita_tiwary, if you successfully manage to convert blocks to JavaScript to Java to an .aix file can you post your extension here, as I’m sure there would be a lot of interest.

I haven’t tried it yet but soon I will work with this.