Can I translate an App Inventor extension into Chinese?

I was surprised that there are so much extensions on the community of Thunkable,but there are few extensions on Chinese website.I want to translate the ThunkableExtensions into Chinese and share with my Chinese friends.Also,it is a good way to disseminate App Invnetor in China.

Sorry about my poor English!

Hope someone can tell me how I can translate the extesions into Chinese.Thanks!
If I just change the json file it will show some strange sign like this.

Unfortunately, extension localization is currently not supported in App Inventor. You will have to translate extensions manually, so translation is only possible if you have access to the source code

You can translate it into Chinese. You need to use the Linux system to translate the function name, attribute name event name into Chinese directly in the Java source code, and then compile it. Note that the Windows system cannot be compiled in this step because it The default Chinese encoding is GBK, and Linux is UTF-8, so you can use Chinese in Linux and compile it.

Thank you so much!