Can I stream music from URL

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Hey @honzafareks5q8 ,
It does not work that way,you can put a web page only on web viewer and if you want to make music,put that link in a sound component.You can see this in a project I made

I have used invisible component “Sound1” and set “source” this url “” which is started by “play” button
When i test “preview” everything works fine. But in phone not.
Can you test this URL in your project?

hey @honzafareks5q8
I will test it on the phone and project in a few hours,I am busy now and that is why,sorry for the delay.After I test it i will get back to you.

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Hey @honzafareks5q8 ,
Maybe instead of putting it on the sound component put it on code.But first download it and upload it to thunkable.And also for further helph,can you tell me where you got the audio from?

Hi, my source is from streaming platform and it works fine in “preview mode” but not playing in phone after istalled app.
Do you have a time to test this url in your thunkable project? I think that must be problem with thunkable…

I tested the link on thunkable web and it is working but on the physical app,it is not working. The reason is that you need to download it into a mp3 and upload it on to thunkable then put it on code using (set sound1 source to " ") and sound one play.

If you are trying to select a sound source and play it, there is an issue with that right now: