Can I duplicate a screen?


i have created a screen including some data, and i want to create the same screen with same same data into multiple screens


And why would you do that? How about reusing components in the same screen?


Yes you can copy paste screens. Please try from below link:


see tip 1 here why it’s probably not a good idea to do that…




Can you please explain what is the benefit of duplicating a screen? Seriously because I can’t think of any.


Maybe its the task app like which is popular in India. Earn by viewing ads. Or the other thing is group earnings. Like i will click your ads and you will click mine with 10 to 15 members so 15 screens. I’m just speculating maybe im wrong. Peace.


Well, I know nothing about those kind of apps. But still sounds like duplicate screens can be avoided by just changing the content of one screen acting as a template.

Also, be aware that making apps for the sole purpose of clicking ads is against the Admob rules and I guess most of the other ads providers too.